Premium Chimney Inspections

We perform inspections only so there is no conflict of interest with regards to repairs and can present unbiased findings to our clients.

Our Story

We are celebrating our 25th year servicing the greater LA area.

Mike Lowe


Mike Lowe was attending school in Denver after having served in Viet Nam in the US Navy in the 1970’s. As with many students, he looked for weekend work to make ends meet and by good fortune, he was asked to apply at and was hired at one of the oldest chimney companies in Denver.

Rory Foley

Sharing his expertise as a chimney inspector for the last 7 years in the Los Angeles area, Rory is a true professional. Rory started working in the construction industry as a teenager for his father, and developed a keen interest in chimney inspection when his father was working for a chimney repair company during the 1994 Northridge earthquake.

We are passionate about keeping chimneys and fireplaces safe, reliable, and ready to be a wonderful asset to a home.

Regular inspections empower home buyers to know that they are not playing with literal fire; a safe chimney keeps the ideal conditions of being clear and reliable, ensuring adequate ventilation.

What We Do

Meticulous Service

We perform Level II chimney inspections per the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) with state of the art camera equipment. The NFPA prescribes a Level II Chimney inspection anytime a sale of a property occurs…

Complete Peace of Mind

Regular inspections can also alert home buyers to the ways in which their chimney may not necessarily be unsafe, but rather not working to the best of its ability, such as the fireplace not drafting properly.

Reliable Team

We are proud to be expertly trained on the ins and outs of a wide variety of fireplaces and chimneys, and our team is prepared to thoroughly inspect what is in your home.

When an inspection is requested, we will send out our trained inspectors to investigate the chimney. Inspectors will look over the chimney from the outside, as well as any portions visible in accessible crawl spaces, attics, or basements. After this is completed the inspectors will utilize a camera to inspect the interior, as this is where damage and hazards exist outside of the view of the average individual. The camera will allow our inspectors to gain a more detailed view of the flue system, showing any possible damage or cracks within a masonry system or mistakes made during the installation of a prefabricated chimney.

During regular inspections, our team checks each of these areas: