Who We Are

We are a professional company dedicated to offering premium chimney inspections. We have been sharing our expertise and offering reliable inspection services for years, and have mastered the art of offering our clients impeccable service. While the average person does not have the skills or resources available that are required to conduct such an inspection, we do.

Why We Do It

Without a proper inspection, chimneys can have underlying issues with their structural stability especially in Southern California that go unseen, posing the threat of collapse and severe damage to property as well as injury. They may also have naturally occurring flaws that pose a serious fire hazard. Our team conducts thorough and detailed inspections in order to assure that both of these problems will not arise and will make you aware of any possible problems so that you can get them fixed before a small problem becomes a very big one.


Our inspectors are some of the most skilled and experienced ones in the business. Having been doing chimney inspections for years, they are truly veterans of the industry. Highly skilled, highly attentive, highly experienced individuals are the only people we hire into our pool of inspectors.

Call us today and grant yourself the peace of mind.

Remember, a structurally damaged chimney from earthquakes can be a fire safety or structurally safety concern; make sure you get a proper inspection done and make an informed decision before making a purchase.
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